Patrick Galvin Commissioning Project

commissioning a new work from composer Stefan Cwik.

A multi-movement work for violin and piano, (later, violin and orchestra as a concerto), that echoes the long tradition of American folk music and the ‘Americana’ sound, but filtered through the medium of western chamber music. The title, American Troubadour, suggests a re-capturing of the musical vernaculars pioneered by Robert Johnson, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Bill Monroe, and Lester Flatt, among others. The work will present a collage of these ‘American Roots’ styles of music including old Blues, early Jazz, New Orleans Dixieland, and Bluegrass. American Troubadour will show the lineage of these styles, which in themselves have West African, Scottish, English, and Irish heritage transplanted to the agricultural landscapes of the United States.

Patrick Galvin is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small-ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.