Patrick Galvin and Jung-eun Kim

commissioning a new work from composer Elizabeth Kimble

Patrick Galvin and Jungeun Kim are working with Elizabeth Kimble to commission a new piece for violin and piano, which will be premiered on May 1, 2020 in San Francisco. Elizabeth is currently writing the piece, and an excerpt that will be performed at a fundraiser event on:

Nov 20th at the Center for New Music in San Francisco

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The piece explores the dissolution of identity as can be experienced through illness - or enlightenment. As the American Poet Charles Wright articulated:

What are the determining moments of our lives?
How do we know them?
Are they the end of things or beginnings?
Are we more or less of ourselves once they’ve come and gone?
I think this is one of mine tonight,
The Turkish moon and its one star
crisp as a new flag
Over my hometown street with its dark trash cans looming along
the curb.
Surely this must be one. And what of me afterwards
When the moon and her sanguine escort
Have slipped the horizon? What will become of me then?

Your donations will go towards
● The commission fee, paid to Elizabeth Kimble to write this new work.
● Production of a studio recording of the new work for CD release.
● Space rental fees for rehearsal and recording.

Patrick Galvin

Elizabeth Kimble

Jung-eun Kim

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